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Wax Melt Samples | Choose Scent

Wax Melt Samples | Choose Scent

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Not sure which wax melt to try first? 
Explore different scents with this mini 0.53 oz sample! A little over 1/5 of a regular sized wax melt. 

Burn Time: 10+ hrs

Hand-poured and made with:

  • natural blend of coconut soy wax
  • high quality blend of phthalate & paraben free fragrance + essential oils

Choose scent:  

Orchards & Botanics     
A sweet combination of ripe apples, juicy peaches and hints of lemon and lime. A light floral pinch with a touch of sugar dry to a soothing musky background.   

Top Notes: citrus 
Mid Notes: apple, sugar, violet    
Bottom Notes: peach, musk

Aquatic Breeze & Blossoms      
Invigorating aquatic florals and sea moss mix with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk to create an exemplary oceanic fragrance.   

Top Notes: Ozone ocean breeze, Apple, Peach, Pear, Bergamot, Orange, Dewy Greens, Aquatic Florals    
Mid Notes: Water lily, Jasmine, Violet, Cyclamen, Lavender, Herbal, Green Leaves
Bottom Notes: Sea Moss, Woody, Cedarwood, Rosewood, Sheer Musk  

Toasted Coconut & Chai   
A powerhouse combination of coconut milk and coconut with subtle notes of caramelized sugar, tonka, and sandalwood for that toasted to perfection finish.   
Top Notes: coconut, almond, orange peel, cardamom, cinnamon    

Mid Notes: coconut, caramelized sugar, peppercorn, nutmeg, cream
Bottom Notes: sandalwood, tonka bean, black tea, vanilla, clove 

Persimmon & Bamboo    
A heady, tangy and bright fragrance of citron, orange peel, tangerine, and peach compliment the persimmon’s unique citrus scent. Softened by a base of clove and bamboo.  

Top Notes: orange peel, citron, eucalyptus 
Mid Notes: peach, persimmon, tangerine, red currant   
Bottom Notes: clove, bamboo

Café Con Dulce  
A delightful cappuccino scent! A creamy espresso coffeehouse blend with whispers of dark chocolate, honey and maple on a background of rich, warm vanilla & maple.

Top Notes: decadent chocolate  
Mid Notes: espresso, rich honey
Bottom Notes: maple, vanilla bean

Matcha Bliss     
Tea lovers delight! A harmonious and calm blend with notes of bright bergamot, lemon, and orange accords. Resting on a tranquil bed of earthy matcha, black tea, and a pinch of salt. A grounded base of sandalwood and cream that round out this fine tea scent.   

Top Notes: bergamot, lemon, orange  
Mid Notes: green tea, black tea, sea salt  
Bottom Notes: sandalwood, cream

Strawberry Crème   
A mouth watering summer scent. Sun kissed notes of ripe juicy strawberries dolloped with a touch of freshly whipped cream. A smooth, fruity treat that is simply irresistible to the smell of freshly picked strawberries luxuriously bathed in a velvety, sweet cream.  

Top Notes: strawberries, green leaves    
Mid Notes: cream, lemon   
Bottom Notes: warm sugar, light musk

Moonflower & Agave   
Bring an enchanting moonlight garden into your home with this sweet & sultry blend. Inspired by the night-blooming moonflower, an oft iridescent blossom that only releases its sweet fragrance at night.   

Top Notes: pear, agave   
Mid Notes: rose, marine, cherry blossom    
Bottom Notes: powder, dark musk, amber

Limoncillo Whip    
An indulgently sweet fragrance that captures the sunny coast of southern Italy. Rich and tangy with an elevated sweetness.   

Top Notes: lemon, mint, sugar, bergamot    
Mid Notes: tonka bean    
Bottom Notes: cake, buttercream 

Laundry Day In Spring   
The alluring fragrance of drying linens outside on a fresh spring afternoon. With blended scents of floral & citrus with an earthy & musk background.   

Top Notes: citrus, jasmine, rose   
Mid Notes: cedarwood, violet     
Bottom Notes: sandalwood, musk

Oat Milk & Honey   
A comforting and soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond.   

Top Notes: wheat oats, almond     
Mid Notes: honey, brown sugar    
Bottom Notes: tonka bean, vanilla sugar



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