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Mood Collection Wax Melts (pick scent)

Mood Collection Wax Melts (pick scent)

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Burn Time: 50+ hrs

Hand-poured and made with:

  • natural blend of coconut soy wax
  • high quality blend of phthalate & paraben free fragrance + essential oils

A dreamy, seductive, and enchanting scent. Well rounded and perfect for the spring/summer seasons.           
Top Notes: jasmine, ginger, lilac           
Mid Notes: lemon, vanilla sugar, honeysuckle      
Base Notes: powder, violet, amyris, wood

A tranquil and soothing fragrance of fresh lavender petals, and white tea. Along with a combination whispers of chamomile, garden sage, African violets, Italian bergamot, myer lemon, and white grapefruit.      
Top Notes: lavender, chamomile, sage    
Mid Notes:
white tea, violet, bergamot, myer lemon, white grapefruit      
Bottom Notes:
frankincense, fir, vetiver, eucalyptus     

An invigorating blend of fresh sweet orange, spicy & floral bergamot, palo santo, and eucalyptus.

Top Notes: sweet orange   
Mid Notes:
bergamot, palo santo     
Bottom Notes:

A soothing and relaxing blend for an oceanic ambience of peace & tranquility.            
Top Notes: patchouli, sea salt, sage   
Mid Notes: citrus, driftwood, musk   
Bottom Notes: lavender, sandalwood, orange, amber




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