Lemongrass & Ginger Benefits :

1. Both have antioxidant properties. which can help scavenge free radicals in your body that may cause disease.
2. Lemongrass tea may help treat oral infections and cavities, thanks to its antimicrobial properties.
3. Both have anti-inflammatory properties.

Inflammation is thought to play a role in many conditions, including heart disease and stroke.  
4. Lemongrass tea has been heard to help reduce cancer risk. The citral in lemongrass is also thought to have potent anticancer abilities against some cancer cell lines.  
5. A cup of lemongrass tea as well as eating ginger is a go-to alternative remedy for upset stomach, stomach cramping, and other digestive problems.  
6. It may act as a diuretic. In the world of natural health, lemongrass is a known diuretic. A diuretic makes you urinate more often, ridding your body of excess fluid and sodium. 
7. It may help reduce high systolic blood pressure. 
8. It may help regulate your cholesterol.  
9. It may help relieve symptoms of PMS with the anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Orange Benefits :  
Oranges may benefit heart health, reduce the risk of some chronic diseases, enhance iron absorption, and support a healthy immune response. Orange also is used to increase appetite; reduce phlegm; and treat coughs, colds, intestinal gas (flatulence), acid indigestion (dyspepsia), and cancerous breast sores. Sweet orange contains large amounts of potassium as well which might help prevent high blood pressure and stroke. 

Lavender Benefits :

Calming & tranquil lavender may help improve sleep, help calm anxiety, and help with migraines. It is known to help treat skin blemishes, relieve pain, reduce blood pressure, lessen menopausal hot flashes, combat fungus growth, and potentially promote hair growth.